Russian Veterans to Get Benefits
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Russian Veterans to Get Benefits

President Vladimir Putin has signed a decree on social security for disabled veterans, the Kremlin press service reported on Tuesday. The document provides that over 11,000 people will receive a free car or a one time payment of 100,000 rubles in 2008-2009. In addition to war veterans, former prisoners of Nazi concentration camps and ghettos will get benefits.

It will also "provide with free cars or one time payments of 100,000 rubles to the following groups of people: handicapped people who became disabled on account of radiation poisoning and fully rehabilitated handicapped people; to provide with one time payments of 100,000 rubles instead of providing with free cars handicapped people who became disabled on account of common disease, work-related injury, etc.; people handicapped from childhood and children of handicapped people" in the year 2009.

Putin has commissioned the Mi­nistry of Health and Social Deve­lopment conjointly with executive power institutions of the subjects of Russia to form a list of citizens with a right to receive these benefits.

In contrast with previous years, no special funds are allotted on a national scale for special holiday payments and gifts for veterans on Victory Day.

By the end of this year all disabled veterans will receive free cars, confirmed Tatyana Golikova, the head of the Ministry of Health and Social Development, during her visit to Smolensk on Tuesday.

Over one billion rubles has already been spent on this cause and another 3.5 billion rubles is required. Total number of people to receive new Ladas will be 11,347 people, Golikova reports.

According to the data of the Ministry of Health and Social Development there are 855,000 disabled veterans still living in Russia. The Federal Government insists that more one time payments will be made in two years' time.

"One time payments are made on anniversary dates," said Sergei Chisty, the head of the Veterans' Committee. "And now the social arrangements for the 65th anniversary of Victory are being worked over." Indeed, 2010 is the year for which all major events, including the giving of gifts, money and care, are planned.

Among the scheduled gifts are fridges, television sets, washing machines and other durable goods for people in desperate need. Total Cost: 230.5 million rubles.

Single disabled people and participants in the war will get assistance in apartment, sanitary and domestic repairs, which will carry a price tag of over 250.5 million rubles.

Moreover, the "Ozero Beloe" health center will provide treatment for disabled veterans and their spouses, and two houses for veterans at a total cost of more than one billion rubles will be built in West Degunino (North Administrative District) and on Ostrovityanova Street (South-West Administrative District).

It is also being considered whether a 50 percent discount on housing and communal services for home-front workers should be introduced. Previously, only former front-line soldiers had the right to use that discount.

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