Golikova proposes to add vaccine purchases to nat security issues
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Golikova proposes to add vaccine purchases to nat security issues

Purchases of vaccines should be added to the list of state security matters and the authorities should update requirements to vaccine suppliers, Public Health and Social Welfare Minister Tatiana Golikova said Thursday,

She said it at a conference that discussed the problems of the Russian pharmaceutical industry.

“The suppliers should provide data on the availability of own production facilities, on the technologies and equipment used there, and on the financial and labor resources necessary for the production of vaccines,” Golikova said.

Disruptions of these vital supplies may trigger a spread of dangerous infectious diseases, which means a bad impact on this country’s biological security, she said.

“The purchases of immunobiological preparations should continue under the provisions applied to the rest of state procurements,” Golikova said.

One more proposal she made was to set up a system of state control over the quality of medicines imported in Russia.

“The system should be based on state control over the circulation of medicines and, in the first place, through the setting up of laboratories controlled by the Federal Service for Supervision in Public Health in each of the seven federal districts,” Golikova said.

She indicated that medicines and ingredients produced in Asian countries will be subjected to a particularly strict scrutiny.

“At this moment, Russian companies import medicines from more than 6,000 foreign producers,” Golikova said.

She indicated however that, generally, access to the market of pharmaceutical products will be eased up.

“For this, we’ll cut down the number of documents required for state registration and make simpler the registration of drugs for treating rare diseases and even consider a possibility of using some medicines needed in individual cases without registration,” Golikova said.

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