i3 Acquires Russian CRO, Lege Artis
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i3 Acquires Russian CRO, Lege Artis

Pharmaceutical services company i3 announced today that it has acquired the Russian clinical research organization (CRO) Lege Artis, strengthening its business in the global clinical trials market. The addition of Lege Artis and its capabilities in Belarus and Ukraine will provide i3 Research customers enhanced access to experienced investigators in Russia and the neighboring states of the former Soviet Union.

“Russia has become a strategic geographic area in the drug development process, with well educated and experienced medical doctors and a vast population of patients who are interested in participating in clinical trials,” said Glenn Bilawsky, chief executive officer of i3.

Russia is the seventh most populous country in the world, with most of its citizenry centralized in large cities of more than one million inhabitants. The Russian health care system concentrates medical specialists at large hospitals and research centers focused on implementing western medical technologies.

Headquartered in Moscow, Lege Artis will be integrated into i3 Research, which is led by i3 Research President Nigel Page. Its founder and CEO, Tatjana Zwereva, MD, PhD, will lead the new Russian company. She will continue to be supported by her experienced management team, including Alexander Makarkov, MD, PhD, and co-founder of Lege Artis.

“We are pleased to join the i3 family of companies, which is known for its emphasis on quality in its research, data, staff and relationships,” said Zwereva. “There is a good fit between our organizations, and we believe that we can make great strides together.”

“With a reputation for highly skilled staff, Lege Artis will supplement i3’s unique and powerful contract research assets as we continue to expand our global footprint,” said Page. “Our clients will appreciate this specialized regional knowledge, focus on quality and broader access to qualified investigators with large patient populations.”

About i3

i3, a global Ingenix company, provides integrated scientific strategies and solutions throughout the pharmaceutical product lifecycle. It is composed of i3 Research, a therapeutically specialized contract research organization; i3 Drug Safety, engaged in pharmacovigilance and epidemiology; i3 Pharma Informatics, a data, science and technology provider of market analytics; i3 Statprobe, a leader in comprehensive data services; i3 Pharma Resourcing, a world-class staffing partner; and i3 Innovus, delivering the science and solutions to achieve marketplace success. i3 helps companies gain sharper insights that lead to better patient care.

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